“After many years of wanting to take the yoga teacher training, I finally took the plunge and registered in the summer of 2011. I didn’t have any idea the depth of knowledge about yoga and about myself that I would come away with.

Heather Greaves’ teaching is exactly what I was looking for, even though I didn’t know it at the time. Heather taught me many things, but patience, acceptance and confidence were three valuable qualities that I use daily in both my professional and personal life. These three qualities, along with many other things, have helped me become the yoga teacher I have always dreamed of becoming.

The training has helped me as a professional yoga teacher to have the patience, compassion and professionalism towards my students to help guide them on their journey as Heather has guided me on mine”

Sherry Shortt
Registered Cardiovascular Technologist and Certified Yoga Teacher
Owner/Operator of Personal Balance


“Considerable scientific evidence supports the use of mind–body therapies in a variety of stress–related conditions. Heather Greaves has both excellent training and in–depth experience in the use of such therapies. I would highly recommend her programs!”

Karen Trollope–Kumar, MD, PhD.


“Heather has been involved with Wellwood Resource Centre for ten years, offering the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga to those affected by cancer. Our program has grown tremendously over the years due to Heather’s caring, compassion and ability to make yoga accessible to all, regardless of age or prior experience. She is truly a gem.”

Norma Frankoff, Volunteer Coordinator, Wellwood


“I have heartfelt gratitude towards my yoga teacher, Heather Greaves.  She has been a shining example of one who lives her truth.  I started with her years ago when she offered yoga classes followed by meditation with Pradeep.  Those classes had a profound impact on my inner growth and healing and opened the way for me to discover Reiki, my calling.

I continued my Yoga journey with Heather in 2008 with the year long Yoga teacher training.  I learned that Yoga is a vast and deep system of understanding the mind and body, which ultimately leads to spiritual growth.  The teacher training was thorough and helped me gain confidence as a beginning yoga teacher.  It also allowed me to integrate my growing knowledge of yoga into my Reiki practice.  Yoga is an important part of my daily life.  Thank you Heather.

Blessings and love,

Rashné Baetz


“Heather’s holistic approach to Yoga Teacher Training was inspirational and affirming. Through this training, I was able to build confidence as a yoga teacher as well as deepen my own practice. Heather blends the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga in a clear and wise manner. I would highly recommend this program.”

Sonia Kumar, Hamilton


“As a practicing Holistic Therapist, I found that taking the yoga teacher training program both accented and benefited my work and passion. The knowledge I acquired through learning the asanas gives me a more in depth view of our anatomical beings and their workings. The ayurvedic training has allowed me to dedicate therapies more specifically to better suit my clients’ personal needs. Most importantly however is the acknowledgment that even though I have been a practitioner for 10 years, there is always more to learn and appreciate. By adding yoga into my daily life I have become clearer, revitalized and confident in who I am, which of course benefits my business and clientele.”

Deborah Cottam,
Owner and Practitioner, Body & Soul Holistic Day Spa, Dundas


“Throughout the incredible 10–month IYT teacher training course Heather’s intuitive guidance facilitated my path of traveling inward to grow and learn as a student and teacher of Yoga. The compassionate atmosphere created, allowed me to embark on my individual journey while in a intimate group setting. Heather’s wisdom, encouragement and warmth truly comes from the heart.”

Sairupa, Toronto


“While taking the Yoga Teacher Training with Heather I learned many things. Some of these things I expected, others I did not. I find it interesting how certain things you didn’t know you needed can come to you when you are open to new possibilities. Being truly open to new possibilities is one thing that I started to develop during my training and continue to work on today.”

Teacher training has allowed me to see more purpose in my life. Heather’s therapeutic yoga training has given me the tools I need to bring yoga to people on a very personal and individual level. Through my weeks of training I recognized that I did have something special, unique and meaningful to offer.

I have developed the ability to deal more easily with personal stress and stressful situations. It has become easier to accept what is, rather than wishing things could be different. Beginning to understand that I can change myself and how I perceive things, has been a blessing.

Yoga helps people to be in the moment and Heather reinforced this with her ability to be in the here and now and just take things as they come. This has helped me to not become too overwhelmed and consumed by “what if” and “what about” in terms of starting my own business (teaching yoga of course).
As I completed the training I felt confident that I was physically, mentally and emotionally ready and able to begin to guide others on their journey into yoga.

Natasha Bal, Barrie
Tri Yoga


“Heather brings a wealth of very useful and practical wisdom and skills to her workshops, seminars and classes. She is an extremely talented teacher with a knack for bringing out the life and light in anyone who is taught by her. Heather does not hesitate to share her knowledge of Yoga, and the many ways we can apply it to improving the quality of our own daily lives at every opportunity. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone interested in living abundantly and well.”

Elisa Hatton, Program Coordinator, Black CAP, Toronto

Following a recommendation from my family physician, I started working with Heather Greaves to improve core strength after suffering back pain.  Heather inspired me to progress and from a slow, gentle start, I am stronger, have better flexibility and feel much healthier.  Heather’s quiet capability is encouraging and her patience makes her an excellent teacher.  It’s wonderful to be able to do this in the privacy of your own home.  I strongly recommend Body Therapies Yoga Training.

Janet, Flamborough

I also would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your teaching. They say a truly gifted teacher is one that can read their students needs, even those the students themselves may not recognize. Needless to say I think you are a truly gifted teacher. Your calm and knowledgeable demeanor, along with your voice of gentle authority creates a simple and pure trust. I have learned more from you about yoga and my natural state in recent weeks than in the four years I have been practicing yoga. Again thank you.

Laura, St. Anns

Body Therapies provides a truly genuine, safe and inspirational space to study the teachings of yoga. As a graduate, I know that each student emerges with the necessary tools to teach yoga and continue with their journey of self exploration. Never do I feel more at home than when I am experiencing the programs offered with Body Therapies.

Geralynne, Hamilton

“Heather is a well organized extremely knowledgeable teacher, but equally important, a most serene and caring person. As a result, she is able to consider individuals’ needs and gears her sessions to help each one.”

Daisy, Dundas

“Having run the entire gambit of gyms, jogging, weight lifting, etc. I feel that yoga instruction has not only promoted flexibility and strength but has also made me more aware of my body.”

Heidi, Hamilton

“I use relaxation to be more creative. A nice coherent piece comes out…a boon to creativity. body feels the same warmth as in weight lifting.”

Darlene, Dundas

“Yoga Therapy was an inspiring journey of self discovery for the body, mind and spirit that made a huge difference to how I view pain in my life.”

Liz, Hamilton

“Didn’t realize how unresolved feelings cause stress and stress causes body pain. Now when I experience”bad” feelings I know what to do. The course made me wiser and more confident.”

Marie, Hamilton