You would have heard of the trend towards a more holistic and natural form of “Health Care,” growing very rapidly in our western culture. We are witnessing more people moving away from the tremendous increase in costs and side effects from the “drug and prescription mindset”. “Don’t feel well? Take this pill.”

Yoga meditation and Ayurveda offer huge health and wellness benefits for your entire life, reducing or eliminating the use of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Practiced for centuries in the Eastern Cultures, the benefits of yoga and meditation are greatly appreciated now by Western Medicine. Many physicians and surgeons advocate this method for healing mind and body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You will find up-to-date research and findings on the Face Book page. Study yoga meditation and Ayurvedic self care strategies either in a private format, group sessions, or at yoga meditation retreats. Seminars establish a link between the traditional teachings and science and biology. We believe that when information is shared in a sensitive and empowering manner, this approach facilitates healing on deeper levels.



Our Services Include:


200 hourC200 Hour Holistic Yoga Instructor TrainingFor health practitioners, massage therapists, other therapists, healers, and yoga teachers interested in a spiritual, holistic approach to yoga.
300 Hour Advanced Yoga TrainingFor yoga teachers who wish to explore yoga’s teachings and techniques as a complementary and alternative medicine.
yoga-therapistYoga Therapist Program (1000 hours)For yoga teachers who wish to develop a professional practice and potentially a business customizing and recommending wellness and stress management programs and health plans to restore balance.
Holistic Yoga Lifestyle CoachMany adults suffer from chronic diseases and pain, as well as mental health challenges, and are trying desperately to function in spite of these problems. Let a complementary therapy help improve your health.
Mindfulness Courses – The Healing Power of Optimism and AltruismHave a Healthier relationship with your mind and body as you learn what the healing power of Optimism and Altruism has.
How to Rescue Your Life through YogaYes, being passionate at work is great but overdoing and overworking will be detrimental to your health in the long run. Start a lifestyle shift and let yoga help you rescue your life.

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  1. The Basic Benefits of Yoga » Yoga – Learn The Course Yoga Will Teach

    […] Yoga has long been shown to include many benefits. Benefits include physical, psychological, and biochemical properties. People from all walks of life have seen the benefits of yoga and the holistic approach to complete health care. As we age, many of us find that we are suffering from chronic back pain. Yoga, and the stretching involved with it, has proved to be a good way to combat that pain. Due to the fact that posture is central to the practice of yoga, it can relieve pain by aligning the body to the correct position. Bad posture almost always equals back pain. […]

  2. Theresa

    Do you offer classes to the public? I am interested in practicing yoga in evening classes. There are no other Hamilton mountain (West) locations.

    I’d be very interested if you had evening classes

  3. Heather Greaves

    Theresa, Thanks for your query. We do not offer regular yoga classes. We do offer workshops from time to time rather than regular classes.
    Please contact the Westmount Recreation Center, 35 Lynbrook Dr, Hamilton, ON L9C 2K6 905-546-4932 to see whether they offer yoga classes. If you ever needed one-on-one sessions, we’d be happy to fill that request.

  4. Sonia Macaluso

    I’m looking for a yoga therapist in the Hamilton area. Would you be able to direct me? I would be interested in working on rehabilitating a back injury.

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