Self Care with Yoga

Proper Self Care with Yoga

Essential Skills for Thriving

Ready for proper self careIf you are a responsible and passionate professional you are likely putting in long hours at work.  As you know if you neglect to take care of yourself your health will pay the price. Without proper self care your physical body will begin to show signs of wear and tear.

In addition, you could suffer emotionally. You might be on an emotional roller coaster ride and feel a need to deal with issues.  Also, you could be struggling mentally unable to focus.  Lack of focus would lead to a reduction in performance and this in turn could affect self-esteem. It’s a slow decline that could lead to despair, lack of sleep and helpless feelings.

If you are indeed struggling would you appreciate some assistance with self-care? If you would,  consider saying “yes” to a Proper Self Care Day.

What is the Proper Self Care Day?

The day is a 3-part strategy to turn struggling around to thriving. It’s a day the professional decides to learn essential skills for life. You will:

  1. Identify your early warning signs and how to prevent a decline in health.
  2. Assess your center of health and wellness and identify small steps for huge changes.
  3. Design with the mentor a self care plan to improve and maintain your well being.

You will gain insights into your uniqueness and practice and refine rejuvenation skills during your self-care day. Day to day habits are the building blocks of life. Knowing which habits are not useful is key for wellness and a step towards lasting change. Let’s work together step by step for your health and well being. 


Adrienne Mullowney-Jepson“My life has changed significantly for the better since completing the course with Heather. I was surprised by how much I learned about self-care and how to manage my health. I feel more alive, more confident and able to deal with challenges and stress.”
Adrienne Mullowney

How it works

You share your concerns and hopes with your mentor in a non-judgmental environment. After conversation, it’s time to practice techniques according to your interest. At the end you will be clear about next steps. The self care plan is personalized with your input making it proper.

As mentor, my own story is that right now I have deep serenity and joy as a result of the yoga practices. However it wasn’t always this way. There were times the doctor ordered me to complete rest because I was so out of balance.

If you are ready to stop struggling schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation. Text or call 289-260-9601.


You have two options for the day:

1: VIRTUAL Proper Self Care Day 

  • Experience a virtual day with Heather Greaves, Self-Care Mentor, in a PRIVATE 1:1 coaching and mentoring. Skype video call.
  • Create your plan for ongoing self-care.
  • Follow up phone call.


Fee – $390.00

Questions? Contact me at that comes directly to me.



2: LIVE Proper Self Care Day 

  • Experience a LIVE day with Heather Greaves, Self-Care Mentor in a PRIVATE 1:1 coaching and mentoring.
  • Light meal included.
  • Create your plan for ongoing self-care.
  • Follow up phone call.



Fee $550.00

Questions? Contact me at that comes directly to me.


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