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A guided journey through the body with Heather Greaves.



Take a look at what is in your heart. If sorrow from the past seems to have a hold on you, this process can help you to let it go and move on


Cultivating Compassion


Take time to create a softer, gentler attitude




Guided Meditation with music. Narrated by Heather Greaves.

Visualization for Well Being


Enhance your state of well being with conscious imaging. Facilitates relaxation; helps with insomnia, anxiety, and to calm busy mind. Listen, relax, use your imagination or visualization.


Body Scan Body and Breath Awareness


Full body relaxation to increase body and breath awareness. You may even go off to sleep. Practice daily to reduce stress and improve health.


Being Calm in the Storm


Practice a technique to remain calm during emotional storms. Increase your ability to be stable even when your heart rate increases.




Guides and workbooks by Heather Greaves.


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