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Next Heritage and Identity (HI) module of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training starts February 25, 2018 in Barbados. The Hamilton program starts April 29, 2018.  You can start the program with any of the three modules. Each module stands alone.

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New advanced yoga teacher training focusThis 300 hour yoga curriculum is approved under Advanced Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Alliance. HI Yoga encourages participants to explore their own heritage while studying the history and philosophy of yoga. Acknowledging ancestry is essential to race esteem, self esteem, self confidence and historical memory.  HI Yoga asks the learner to see with fresh eyes the origins of the human family and the journey of the yoga techniques and theory through history and geography. The gift of ancient civilizations is high values. HI Yoga invites you to claim this gift.

One goal of yoga is mastering the mind. As a result the mind becomes a resource for the student. To acquire this skill requires studying and practising the subtler aspects of yoga – pranayama, mudra and bandha. Such practices are required to make the mind an ally. The learner in this advanced yoga will refine teaching skills and increase understanding of the systems of the body, the activities of the mind and spirit. Equally important is experiencing more peace and happiness.

With regard to health and wellness, our approach is prevention first. In addition it is important to answer life’s big questions. Such questions are: who am I, why am I here. When these questions are answered there is less anxiety. And with less anxiety comes more feelings of wholeness. This is proof the student has tested the theory of yoga.

When you complete the any module of this 300 hour program, you will to:

  • Teach in a wiser and kinder way.
  • Design and facilitate wellness workshops. 
  • Respect the uniqueness of the individual, including heritage. 

This program has three  modules that stand on their own. Therefore you may start with any of the three courses. 

Who is eligible for this training?

  • Yoga teachers, meditation teachers, wellness practitioners, experienced yoga/meditation practitioners, social workers and those passionate about the spirit mind body connection can take this HI Yoga training.
Certificate on Completion
  • Participants receive a certificate of completion for each 100 module.
  • Participants receive a 300 hour advanced yoga training certificate if they have the 200 hour certification recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Heritage, Identity and Yoga (HI Yoga) 

Start Date – April 29, 2018 in Hamilton; Feb. 25-Mar.09, 2018 in Barbados

This 100 hour course studies the ancient history of the human family while focusing on yogic philosophy, lifestyle and values from India and Africa. Participants practice and teach each other yogic techniques, and explore anatomy at physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels. This stand-alone module can be used towards the 300 hour advanced yoga training with Body Therapies Yoga Training.

HI Yoga encourages participants to connect yogic theory to their own unique background. Acknowledging ancestry is essential to race esteem, self esteem, self confidence and historical memory.  

In addition, learners practice designing therapeutic and holistic sessions.

Dates and Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics topic

  1.   Ancient History  – Why is the study of the ancient history of the human family essential to inculcate the highest human values?
  2.   Ancient Philosophy – What is the reason for life and how was life created according to ancient African and Indian philosophy and texts?
  3. The Human Being and Nature – According to traditional societies how is Nature part of our existence and what is our relationship to nature?
  4. Varieties of Yoga – What are the similarities and differences between traditional spiritual/mystery wisdom of Africa and India?
  5. Eating and Diet – What is essential to know about eating for optimal health according to your Ayurvedic mind/body constitution?
  6. Day and Night Routines – Why do routines make a significant difference to health and happiness?
  7. Cause of Suffering – What is the mind and how does it cause suffering according to the philosophies of India and Africa?
  8.  Mind Mastery – How is it possible to master the mind through yoga?
  9. Tree of Life – What is represented by the Tree of Life in different cultures and why is this concept and imagery helpful?
  10. Subtle Energy – What is subtle energy and how to make this knowledge and experience beneficial?

This program will run in Hamilton, Ontario on the following dates in 2018: 

Apr 29, May 13, Jun 03, Jun 24, Jul 08, Jul 29, Aug 12, Aug 26, Sept 09, Sept 23.


$1500.00. A down payment of $500 is required to secure your spot. Balance due four weeks before start date. Early bird discount of $150 if fee paid three months in advance. Monthly payment plan available. There is an administration fee of $150 included in the payment plan. 


Befriend Mind and Emotions (100 hours)

Start Date: 2019: Larger room for advanced yoga teacher trainingApril – November.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain how emotions affect the way the body functions. 
  • Appreciate the benefits of living with awareness.
  • Lead imagery, relaxation, and/or meditation sessions. 
  • Offer meditation, mudra, and/or mantra as a life skill.



Befriend the Body (100 hours)

Start Date: 2017 – April 23,  May 28, June 18, June 25, July 16, July 23, Sept.17, Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 26.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with the physiology of stress.
  • Teach exercises to relieve muscle and joint aches caused by stress. 
  • Speak and listen in a way that brings benefit to relationships. 
  • Facilitate supportive wellness classes and workshops. 
  • advanced yoga teacher training Hamilton location

Hamilton Training Location: Wellwood Resource  Center, 501 Sanatorium Road, Hamilton L9C 0C3


Cancellation Policy – Payments are refundable if you cancel with 4 weeks or more advanced written notice. Also note there is a $50 processing fee that is non-refundable. If cancellation takes place with less than 4 weeks written notice then the $500 deposit is forfeited.

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