Yoga Meditation in Hamilton

Yoga Meditation in Hamilton

Body Therapies Yoga logoBody Therapies Yoga Training was established in 1997 by Heather Greaves.  Phone 905-525-2426  Website: email

Dundas, Ontario was the location of our home based studio initially. Many came there over the years for weekly yoga classes, workshops, and day retreats.

about-heatherSince 2005, yoga students interested in natural healing ways have taken our yoga teacher certification program. This basic 200 hour program as well as our advanced additional 300 hour therapeutic yoga program are certified by Yoga Alliance. Our 800 hour Yoga Therapist program will be submitted to the International Association of Yoga Therapists for approval.

The health care and social science communities, therapists and body workers, yoga teachers, find our certification programs useful as an add on for their clients. Our graduates also teach classes in yoga studios as well as start studios themselves. If you are seeking answers to life’s big questions, or would like to develop a yoga practice you will find our interactive yoga workshops, yoga retreats in Barbados and Ontario, as well as our longer therapeutic learning programs helpful. We also offer group or individual private yoga sessions.

We believe that small steps taken in the right direction can bring major improvements in health, healing and the maximizing of potential. We honour each individual’s uniqueness, and in a safe, non-judgmental environment, offer support in connecting lovingly to self. All our programs and services are non-hierarchical.

Our Promise

You will never be bent out of shape to fit a technique – no matter how valued it is, or how impressive it looks. We select and refine techniques to fit you.

Your uniqueness including your language, religion, age, lifestyle, culture, and occupation, will always be considered with utmost respect.

You will receive the experience and materials necessary for you to practice at home.


Our Mission

To spread Yoga Meditation and Ayurvedic teachings for self care and the care for others, and to do so in accessible ways.

Our Policy

Size Policy – One size does not fit all – we definitely get that.

Shape Policy – Bodies and minds come in a variety of shapes and personalities. Let’s befriend our bodies and minds.

Abilities Policy – It’s about how you do whatever you can do.

Flexibility Policy – It is better to learn to relax your nerves than to touch your toes.

Clothes Policy – Your own comfortable clothing works.

Can’t get down to the floor Policy – We will use chairs. And if you wish, we could guide you step by step how to  get down to the floor and back up again slowly and safely.

A little about me, the owner

I am Heather Greaves, owner of Body Therapies Yoga Training. I started Body Therapies because I wanted to create a safe environment where people could learn how to take better care of their bodies, emotions, mind, and even relationships, and help others do the same. I believe that small steps taken in the right direction can greatly improve quality of life.

How Body Therapies Yoga Training can help you:

Private yoga meditation sessions

50 hours Level 1 of the yoga teacher training program
100 hours Level 1 and 2 of the yoga teacher training program
Certification in Teaching Yoga – 200 hr basic yoga teacher training.
100 hrs – Befriend Mind and Emotions
100 hrs – Befriend the Human Being
100 hrs – Befriend the Body
Certification in Advanced Yoga Training – 300 hr Preventive approach to health

Caribbean yoga retreats in Winter (Barbados)

Meditation Yoga retreats in Ontario in summer

Interactive Simple Yoga Workshops

Body Therapies Yoga Training loves to bend for students who:

Can accept a kinder gentler way
Care about the environment
Sincerely desire personal growth

Take a closer look at our holistic services, connect and tell us what you need..


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