Advanced Level Certification – 300 hours Yoga Therapy

starts April 25, 2014

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You Can Offer Simple, Proven Self-Care Solutions for Common Health Conditions

Many adults suffer from chronic diseases and pain, as well as mental health challenges, and are trying desperately to function in spite of these problems. Some fear becoming dependent on medication.

Teachers and health practitioners are aware of this predicament. And they feel stuck when they are unsure just how to apply the many techniques yoga offers. They want to be able to offer yoga as a complementary or alternate therapy safely and confidently.

If you are passionate about sharing the practices and ideas that have worked for a long time, this program is for you.


After this challenging program, you will be able to:

  • Recommend yoga therapy for common health conditions
  • Assess imbalance in your client and personalize plans for self-care
  • Modify techniques to improve and maintain health and support healing

Are You Eligible?

  • Health practitioners, therapists who appreciate the mind body connection, and those with a passion for natural healing methods, can take any and all modules of this program. *Modules must be taken in sequence.
  • Teachers without a 200 hour certificate will receive a certificate of completion for each model taken.
  • Teachers with a 200 hour certificate will receive a 300 hour certificate of completion. To register with Yoga Alliance at the 300 Hour Level, teachers must be registered with the 200 Hour Level.

*In addition, please note that:

  • Module 1 is a prerequisite for Modules 2 and 3
  • Module 2 is a prerequisite for Module 3

Module 1- Yoga and Wellness (100 hours)

Start Date:

Fall 2014 – 3 weekends over 3 months

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with the perspective of health from Yoga and Ayurveda point of view
  • Explain how yoga and meditation concepts and techniques relate to neuroscience
  • Propose lifestyle routines considering relationship of nature’s cycles and rhythms
  • Assess digestion patterns and metabolism type and make recommendations of diet
  • Recommend basic poses and breathing for energetic balance
  • Explain how to improve alignment, strength and range of movement systematically
  • Refine ways to improve posture in everyday life
  • Develop an appreciation for the art of relaxing deeply
  • Gain practical experience customizing and proposing wellness programs (includes 2 hours of mentored group practicum)

On satisfactory completion of this module, students with a 200-hour teacher training will receive our certificate -Yoga Lifestyle Coach.


Mohawk Conference Centre, Hamilton,Ontario

hamilton-logoResidence & Conference Centre- Hamilton is pleased to offer a special rate of $74.95 per night, based on double occupancy for overnight accommodations!

Includes two private bedroom kitchenette suites, complimentary parking, internet access, local calls and continental breakfast.

For reservations and additional details, contact Holli DeLange at (905) 385 3200 ext 4012 or

Module 2: Yoga Meditation Ayurveda and Stress Management (100 hours)

Start Date:

September 12-14, 2014;
October 17-19, 2014;
November 14-16, 2014: 3 weekends over 3 months.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use subtle anatomy including chakras to address physiological and psychological imbalances
  • Evaluate different stages of imbalances and make recommendations for early intervention
  • Select and modify simple yoga and Ayurveda techniques to restore energetic balance
  • Apply yoga and Ayurveda teachings and practices for stress management and aging well
  • Summarize the biological basis of yoga and Ayurveda for stress management
  • Measure and assess energetic balance/imbalance through self-pulse reading
  • Recommend marma therapy and mudra techniques for meditation
  • Gain practical experience in customizing and proposing stress management programs (includes 2 hours of mentored group practicum)

Location: Mohawk College, Hamilton

On satisfactory completion of modules 1 and 2, students with a 200-hour teacher training will receive our certificate -Yoga Stress Management Coach.

Module 3 – Yoga Meditation Ayurveda and Healing (100 hours)

Start Date:

September 11-13, 2015;
October 16-18, 2015;
November 20-22, 2015

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recommend subtle techniques (including marma therapy) personalized for healing
  • Apply the deep relaxation techniques to desensitize and promote healing
  • Explain how emotions effect physiology including the brain and immune system
  • Appreciate the biological and psychological benefits of a meditative approach to healing
  • Practice trauma informed dialogue and listening skills for beneficial relationships
  • Assess the state of metabolic toxins
  • Gain practical experience recommending personalized Ayurveda health plans to restore balance: including home remedies (single herbs, combination of herbal formulas or dietary supplements) (includes 2 hours of mentored group practicum)

Location: Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario

On satisfactory completion of the 3 modules, students with a 200-hour teacher training will receive our certificate -Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Consultant.


Tuition: $3,697 includes tax

Deposit $1,500 with Easy to Pay Plan.

Combine and Save: 200 Basic – $2,875 + 300 Advanced- $3,797 = $6675. You pay only $6,220.

Contact if you have questions.

Take the 200 hour Basic and the 300 Advanced training and pay only $6,220 (includes tax). Save $500.00.


Out of town guests may stay at the Visitors Inn –


Cancellation Policy

Payments and deposits are only refundable if you cancel with 4 weeks or more advanced notice. Cancellation must be in written form and there is a $50 processing fee that is non-refundable. If cancellation takes place with less than 4 weeks written notice then you will forfeit your $450 deposit.

Yoga Teacher training registration

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