Review by Nicoleta Tigau

Alan Carr was an accountant that was smoking one hundred cigarettes every day for 33 years until he gave up smoking and opened hundreds of clinics for addictions all around the world.

He wrote books for alcohol, nicotine and food addiction. All of them can be treated the same and just for one and one reason only… All of them are ADDICTIONS!

The entire book is a nonsense that makes sense in the end. It makes sense just because all the people that are addicted know already everything that he wrote, but the way he makes you feel inside is unique. He does not blame you, he does not tell you that you have to stop, he even ask you to smoke until you finish reading the book (that is unique to), he just slowly opens your mind to acceptance that you are addicted and makes you recognize that. Here is the turning point and the real revelation, we do not recognize that a hundred percent and he makes us accept the real truth, it feels like somebody takes a mountain off your shoulders and now you can see clear.

There is no way that we can stop smoking anytime if we want, or we lie to ourselves that the few cigarettes that we smoke release the tension or we really enjoy them, that is false and we really know that. If we enjoy our cigarettes why do all the smokers wish they never start smoking? He really makes people understand that they fight with a monster inside their body, that need to be fed with each pangs and that we are the only one that can stop that. We really did not know that? Ooo, we really did know, but it is a big difference between knowing and understanding. A very big difference.

Alan Carr clarifies in his book the difference between Willpower and Understanding. He explained why we cannot stop an addiction if is substituted with the same addictive substance and using willpower for a reason that we do not clear understand.

Addiction cannot be cured with willpower it can be healed by understanding the addiction.

This book made me understand why I still had the nicotine craves after every yoga routine, each and every early morning. Now I understand that I beat myself up for nothing, it was not my practice that was wrong, it was my understanding.

Easy way to quit smoking is written in a very simple language, like a six grade language.

This fact made this book to intrigue the world of writers; it was sold in so many copies that beat the best books ever written. This is nonsense to, a nonsense that changes millions of people’s life. It is the best ever sold self-improvement and inspirational book ever written, no other book changed so many lives ever, and this nonsense makes finally so much sense.

I finally did understand.


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