Yoga does more than just stimulate the body and soul; there are many short-term and long-term effects that derive from practicing this form of exercise. In addition to developing physical strength, flexibility and inner peace, yoga has been recognized as a way to stimulate and improve brain function.The Effects of Yoga on Brain Stimulation | Body Therapies Yoga Training

Studies show that practicing yoga can help your brain function better. Through experiments with brain functioning tests, researchers found that after a mere twenty minutes of yoga, participants did better in terms of speed and accuracy. Following the practice of yoga, the participants were able to focus mentally, process the information quickly and more accurately than those who did not practice yoga prior to examination.

The breathing and meditation that one practices during a session of yoga goes beyond calming the mind and body at that moment. These processes can be used in everyday activities when the body is trying to keep away distracting thoughts to accomplish a specific task. Additionally, the meditative exercises as practiced through yoga are also great stress and anxiety reducers. This is beneficial during test-taking because uneasiness is often a factor in poor results.

Applying yoga-practiced techniques can significantly affect the brain and nervous system in activities that go beyond the yoga session. Learning how to harness the brain and its capabilities is the first step in bringing about positive change in one’s life. A more stimulated mind can be achieved through beginning your journey in yoga today.

(Posted by Heather Greaves of Body Therapies Yoga Training)

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