Yoga practitioners are able to experience the amazing health benefits of yoga in their everyday lives. From increased flexibility to weight loss and strength building, yoga has proven itself to be like medicine for the body, mind, and spirit, helping to create a healthier lifestyle and a calmer and more focused mind.

Every day we are finding many other ways in which practicing yoga can improve your health and your overall life. Many women deal with reproductive and fertility issues, which can be frustrating and make them feel hopeless. There are many reasons why fertility issues can arise and therefore, many existing treatments as well.

Many experts will agree that medical treatments, good health, exercise and a relaxed mind can all play a very important role in solving issues of fertility. Please consult your physician and gynecologist for any health problems or concerns that need to be addressed.

Yoga assists womenYoga: A Healthy and Mindful Way to Help Fertility Issues in developing a good and healthy relationship with their bodies. Women are often trained to view their bodies as enemies; too heavy, too skinny, not the right shape. Yoga helps to train your mind in a way that it can more easily recognize “what is right about your body” instead of seeing all the things you desire to change. You will walk away from a consistent yoga practice with a more positive view of your body, helping to alleviate stress related fertility problems.

You may ask yourself, “Can yoga help with physically related fertility issues as well as it does with stress related issues?” The answer would be yes.

Physical medical problems, such as poor posture, tightness in the hip area and pelvic floor misalignment can delay or prevent pregnancy. Yoga that focuses on alignment and flexibility can move the energy in this area of the body to help prepare the uterus for pregnancy. This movement of energy is called avana ayu. Hip twists and hip opener exercises are also helpful.

The practice of yoga also addresses your fears, which affects your physical health and helps women to recognize when they are being controlled by their fears. Gentle exercises like backbends (Setu Bandhasana) can open the womb and open the heart, alleviating fear and allowing women to see all possibilities.

Giving nurturing attention to the pelvis area in yoga poses, such as Baddha Konasana and Upavistha Konasana, move warm and positive energy to that area of the body. These movements calm the nerves, increase circulation, soften the belly and promote regular menstrual flow. All of these also promote a healthy environment in which to conceive.

All in all, a healthy and calm body and mind is foremost when it comes to treating and relieving problems with the reproductive system, and help to increase your chances of a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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