2013-01-31 11.42.27The light in me greets the light in you. This is one interpretation of Namaste. The shift from being in the shadows to bathing in the light is often a bold step, a stark contrast, accompanied with feelings of lightness. We may have been unaware of being in the shadow of incorrect perception. The light of awareness is however palpable, and our relationships begin to improve.

Our excitement of new found knowledge is sometimes accompanied by an equally enthusiastic sharing of our revelation. We might occasionally shine the light like a torch directly into the eyes of those in contact totally unaware of the impact of our fervor. Over time this well intentioned and occasionally torturous approach changes. And over an even longer period we see and experience so much more of our compassionate self. Whew!

With increased mental clarity additional power and responsibilities come to us. When we communicate from this position of power, we might use an authoritative style with which we are familiar although not necessarily comfortable. I have found it worthwhile to check to see whether or not my communication style aligns with my compassionate self.

From a position of power, is my tone often one of informing the other or speaking with and hearing another? Who is in the spotlight or limelight? Perhaps another question for this self-inquiry could be – To what extent can the light in me naturally bow to the light in you? Namaste!

Heather Greaves, ERYT 500 creates programs and workshops that encourages communication in a sensitive, empowering and therapeutic manner. She can be reached at heather@yogatogo.com.

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