SolitudeStriking a work life balance is by its nature personalized. The ancient yogis left us a system to keep body, mind and spirit balanced no matter our circumstances, and that’s the path I follow. It works for me.

Conducting therapeutic yoga teacher training programs, workshops and private yoga sessions might seem like an inherently balanced work life. Oh, I forgot the administrative and financial duties required to sustain the programs. While the subject taught is yoga and meditation the reality is to prevent burnout my personal yoga practice is essential, and early morning quiet time is my appointed time to face and address any imbalance. Yogis call this discipline – Sadhana; and the early morning nectar hours – Amrit vela. It is the time we human beings can let go and connect.

Through the ups and downs of life, sadhana has been my constant since I discovered it in the early 80’s. Activities in my daily quiet time have varied over the years.  At first the focus of early morning practice was meditation and the study of uplifting readings. Later it was essential that sadhana include gentle movement or aerobic activity, and breathing exercises. My body became a happy camper, or to put it more accurately, my body became a cleaner, more vibrant camping ground.

This amrit vela time for new beginnings reveals evidence of imbalance on the screen of my mind. And I watch as its impact and presence fade to various degrees, and clarity rises like the sun to guide my work life steps towards harmony.

Heather Greaves is a student of yoga who values Ayurveda’s methods of balance. She can be reached at 905-525-2426 – email


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