In our past retreat in Barbados we explored the Chakras: the celebration of life.  Chakras exist in Hindu metaphysical tradition as well as other belief systems. They are centers of Prana, life force and vital energy. On different parts of the bodies there are vital points in the physical body like the plexuses of arteries, veins and nerves.

Yoga tradition incorporates different concepts of chakra.  In mind and body wellness, yoga and chakra can work hand in hand. Different chakras have different responsibilities and when they are blocked can have different repercussions. Here’s a look at the seven chakras of the human body.  From the the highest point of your body, the crown, to the base of your spine, each chakra can influence your lifestyle in different ways.

Take a look at this visual.  If you’re interested in learning more, or taking a yoga class to improve your mind body wellness, give us a call or stop by.

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