We bring many items through the door and into our living space – groceries, mail, books, clothing, furniture and other eye catching accessories deemed necessary to have and hold. And with electronic devices it is easy to click, capture and keep.

Click, capture and keep happens through our senses as we interact with the world.

At some point we decide to shift things around or discard some items in order to make room for more. How about disposing to make room for … space? Can we place a higher value on space? Where and how can we place more space? Here are a few ways I have tried to preserve or create space.

                    Creating room in lifcollectione

. Speaking when necessary.
. Taking a few conscious breaths now and again just because.
. Acknowledging the end of a simple activity, like a sip of tea.



When practicing a yoga pose there are several ways to create space:

Creating room in cat pose

. Pause at the end of the inhalation and savor the physical sensations as you keep your head lifted
. Pause at the end of the exhalation with arched back and merge with the silence
. Create space between the ears as the crown of the head points towards the floor.

What are some of the other ways you have created space in yoga poses and in life? I’d love to hear from you.

Can it be that a life filled with space is a life that is indeed full?

Heather Greaves is a student of Life practising the art of creating space at this point in her studies. As owner of Body Therapies Yoga Training she organizes yoga and meditation retreats and workshops in Ontario and Barbados. She  has been helping yoga enthusiasts learn to teach therapeutic yoga in a certified program. For more yoga tips or to sign up for our monthly newsletter visit http://www.yogatogo.com

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