Now that Thanksgiving has passed and we are all in the full swing of the holiday season, here are five gifts you can buy for a person in your life who loves Yoga.  Maybe you already have your shopping done, but if you don’t have anything started and are looking for ideas, here’s some suggestions.

Yoga Mats – Even the most dedicated people who practice yoga need a solid mat. Even if they have one, they might be in need of a new one. They come in a bunch of colors, styles and sizes. However, keep in mind the type of classes the person likes to take. Consider a thicker mat for people with sensitive knees or longer ones for people who are a little taller.

Classes/Retreat Tickets – We still have tickets to our Caribbean Retreat at the end of January and beginning of February.  You can also by some private sessions or certification program options. You can also look into further workshops and seminars to purchase for a friend or family member.

Local Health Stores Gift Cards – The healthy lifestyle is synonymous with yoga.  Yoga practitioners generally are very conscious of what types of foods, supplements and vitamins they put into their body.  Sometimes, these types of things can get pricey, so a gift card will be much appreciated. Look for big chains like Whole Foods Market or smaller organic food and health stores.

Clothing – Sometimes the person you are buying for might have it all already.  They can be difficult to shop for.  However, every practitioner can use more yoga clothing.  Their old stuff becomes worn down, sweaty and is constantly having to be thrown in the laundry.  New clothes are easy to find and there are a ton of different options with colors and styles.

Audio – CDs or MP3s are great for any home practitioner. Enhance your state of well-being with conscious imaging. Facilitates relaxation; helps with insomnia, anxiety, and to calm busy mind. Listen, relax, use your imagination or visualization.

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